A project about two forms of adoration, shown trough the lifes of Sonja, John and William.

Poster 'Positive Propaganda'

Poster design for the 'Positive Propaganda' project. Theme for this edition was: 'Kleur de stad' or 'Colour the city'.

pandemic self isolation projects

The projects I worked on when the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic just hit the Netherlands.

Crohn's disease typefont

A typefont that shows what's going on inside the bowel of someone dealing with Crohn's disease

The Institute of Image and Sound

Fictional visual identity for The Institute of Image and Sound in the Netherlands.

one week poster project

I challenged myself to make a poster everyday for one week.

van mond tot kont waanzinnig

A helping guide for people dealing with Crohn's disease (or any other form of IBD).

Body Positivity

A project about feeling great in your own skin, while also appreciating others.

Slurp - Rizzle Kicks

Fictional artwork for the song Slurp by Rizzle Kicks.


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